Adventure Aquarium’s three-banded Armadillo gets into World Cup fever – and for good reason!

By: Brandon Deane – Biologist, Birds & Mammals

GGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!! You’ll be hearing this a lot during the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup being played in Brazil. The World Cup is played every 4years in different locations around the world and for the last 48years they have had a mascot representing not only the World Cup but also the Country in which the games are played. Well, say hello to Fuleco the Brazilian mascot.


Fuleco is a fusion name for Futbol and Ecologia which means soccer and ecology, two things that are of great importance to not only Brazil but the world. Now what makes Fuleco so cool to us here at Adventure Aquarium is that he is a three-banded armadillo…just like our very own Tank.

Tank2The three-banded armadillo, unfortunately, is a species on the decline because of deforestation and hunting by humans so having Tank…I mean Fuleco as the FIFA World Cup mascot will be great for education and awareness for this species. Not to mention he is just so stinkin cute. Brazil kicks off the World Cup on June 12 against Croatia and Fuleco will be there rooting for his country. Root all you want Fuleco, we have a Tank that says team U.S.A. is going to make some noise.


U.S.A. plays June 16th vs. Ghana @ 6pm, June 22nd vs. Portugal @ 6pm, and June 26th vs. Germany @ Noon.

So lets Kick It!!!! The soccer ball of course, not Tank.

Watch Adventure Aquarium’s armadillo Tank try peanut butter for the first time!

By: Amy Haddock, Biologist – Birds & MammalsTank

Tank is a southern three-banded armadillo from South America.  He is a year and half old and weighs two pounds.  His diet at Adventure Aquarium consists of bugs, vegetables, fruit, and pellets.  In the wild armadillos eat mostly insects.  Tank has a long sticky tongue to help him catch his bugs.

We use all-natural peanut butter to make giving medicine easier or as a special treat for a lot of our animals.  Too much peanut butter is not a good thing so our animals do not get it that very and in small amounts, this keeps it new and exciting.  This was the first time Tank has ever experienced peanut butter.  His trainers figured lots of other animals like it so why not try Tank.  And it turns out he loved it!  That long tongue turned out to be more useful than just catching bugs.