Check Off Your #SHARKSUMMER Bucket List at Adventure Aquarium this July and August!


Summer has officially arrived and that can only mean one thing: SHARKS are on our minds whether we’re hitting the beach for vacation or seeing a shark sighting on the news.  Even though these apex predators reside in our oceans year-round, during the summer we grow even more curious about them.  So, why not #ExploreBeforeTheShore at Adventure Aquarium and get to know the sharks that are swimming right in your own Atlantic Ocean backyard?

This July and August, #SharkSummer will take over Adventure Aquarium and you’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, with some found right off the coast of New Jersey and in the Delaware Bays.

Can you pick out the Jersey native shark species in Shark Realm?  Did you know many species of sharks migrate to the Delaware Bay for their pupping (aka baby sharks!) grounds? When you explore Adventure Aquarium you’ll learn just how important these animals are to the health of our ocean and all the ways we as humans can help protect them. We bet you’ll be a #SharkSummer expert before the end of your visit!

So, what can you check off your #SharkSummer bucket list?

#1.  Dare to cross Shark Bridge presented by Horizon, the longest V-shaped rope suspension bridge in the world, where you will walk inches above the 21-foot deep Shark Realm exhibit.

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#2.  Walk through Shark Tunnel, a 180 degree view of Shark Realm, our second largest exhibit at Adventure Aquarium and home sand tiger, sandbar and nurse sharks – species all found in the Jersey Shore coastal waters.

#3.  Be daring and Touch A Shark, be thrilled to actually TOUCH and FEEL some of the most exotic sharks in the world in the Touch A Shark exhibit.

#4.  Visit Ocean Realm and meet hammerhead_finalAnchor, our great hammerhead, who is also the only great hammerhead on exhibit in the United States.


#5.  Learn more about sharks during our Shark Talk, where you get a chance to meet a shark expert and learn about the residents of Shark Realm, as well as ask all the shark-related questions you’ve been dying to know!


#6.  Interact with a variety of stingray species aka close relatives of sharks.  Touch and feed them, in Stingray Beach Club. Their skin feels super smooth and their the friendliest “shark cousins” you’ll ever meet!

#7. Come face-to-face with some of the most majestic creatures roaming the seas as you watch “The World of Sharks” 3D Movie in the PSEG 3D Theater.  Included with admission, this movie takes a unique look at a variety of shark species from the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean. Guests will marvel at the sight of a whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean, and be truly mesmerized by a friendly underwater encounter between a sea lion and a great white shark.


#8. Show off your inner shark and have your face painted at Stacey’s Face Painting in the Rotunda. Our face painting staff will even spike up your hair to make a fin Mohawk!


#9. Take the next step in your #SharkSummer journey, and dive in with a Shark & Ray In-Water Encounter! Snorkel alongside massive sand tiger and sandbar sharks in Shark Realm – with no glass in between. Then visit with stiSwedishFishSundaengrays, sharks close cousins, and feed them. You’ll need to reserve your spot in advance of your visit by calling our sales office at 844-474-FISH (3474).

#10. Take a bite out of a Dippin’ Dots Swedish Fish Sundae – After checking off all those bucket list items, you deserve a yummy frozen treat!  “Shark Bite” blue-raspberry flavored Dippin’ Dots ice cream and toppings, including a Swedish Fish garnish, make this sundae a tasty ending to a perfect #SharkSummer day.


With so many ways to #ExploreBeforeTheShore, you’ll be a verified #SharkSummer expert when you hit the beaches for vacation!  Hope to sea you soon!

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