AAQ’s Octopus Makes Her Big Game Prediction – Who did she choose?

The AAQ Animals Hosted a Big Game Pep Rally for The Birds – and it was epic.

Animals have keen senses – and they know how to pick a winner. Celebrations were held throughout Adventure Aquarium on Thursday, 2/1/18 as even the aquarium animals were gearing up for the showdown on Sunday night and they seem to be rooting for the hometown team.

During special football-themed enrichment sessions, our aquarium animals displayed their team spirit.

The little blue penguins kicked off the party and hosted a pep rally on Little Blue Beach.

Loggerhead sea turtle, Bob, along with green sea turtles, Old Green and Stitches, passed green ice block-shaped footballs in Ocean Realm.


Divers sent a special underwater good luck message for The Birds in Ocean Realm.


Even the great hammerhead, Anchor, stopped in for some photo bomb action!


Our 6-month-old loggerhead hatchling had a private party as he chased miniature green ice block footballs filled with broccoli and shrimp in his exhibit.


Nile hippos, Genny and Button, made diving catches for green ice blocks in Hippo Haven.

Festivities concluded with giant Pacific octopus, Octavia, choosing the team she favors to win the Big Game in Jules Verne Gallery.

At first, it was hard to tell which tumbler filled with fishy treats she chose after being offered both Patriots and Eagles options…


But look closely…


She made it clear…her winning prediction for Super Bowl 52 is: THE EAGLES!


Thanks to all who stopped by during our special pep rally today – we had so much fun!

And enjoy the weekend, football fans! #EaglesNation #FlyEaglesFly

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