Keep Winter Break Boredom at Bay!

Top 5 Reasons to Visit AAQ this Week

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! We hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year with family and friends.


But once the presents are unwrapped, the Christmas feast is eaten and your extended family heads back home, the kids are still off from school for an entire week! WOO HOO, it’s Winter Break, y’all!!

But…are your kids already experiencing symptoms of the dreaded WINTER BREAK BOREDOM?? *sigh*

Who wants to be a super mom or dad this year?

*raises hand*

Look no further!  Here are the top 5 reasons you should take the kiddos to AAQ this Winter Break…

#1. Scuba Santa is here until Saturday! 


His big night is obviously December 25th, but did you know Scuba Santa doesn’t head right back to the North Pole? He sticks around Adventure Aquarium for a little longer!  He officially depart on the morning of New Year’s Eve (to ring in the New Year with Mrs. Claus, of course) so catch him now through the 30th in Ocean Realm!

#2. Weather report looking a little “chin-chilly?” No worries!

Cheech and chong

Freezing temps outside may be in the 7-day outlook (hello high’s of 31 degrees!) this week but you can still get out of the house! A visit to AAQ keeps you inside where it’s cozy with lots of unique and interesting animals to see – including some d’awwww-worthy up-close animals like the chinchillas pictured above!

#3. Speaking of weather…no snow outside giving you the winter blues? It snows inside here!


I know I always wish for a picturesque white Christmas…but not this year!  If you’re a fan of snow get ready because, no matter what the forecast says, we guarantee snow flurries in the Rotunda during the Snow Shower Dance Party. And the best part? No shoveling required! So put on your dancing shoes and check your show guide when you arrive for when you can rock out to festive tunes with an elf!

#4. The World’s Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree


It’s super tall and colorful and…YES, it’s still here for the holidays! We won’t take the World’s Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree down just yet which gives you more time to see it. Pose for photos with your family and then watch as curious sharks and fish swim around this truly one-of-a-kind Christmas Tree.

#5. Say hello to 8,500 Aquatic Animals

This could be considered 8,500 reasons, huh? Well, let’s just say that no matter what time of year, our animals are always ready for visitors.   You’ll see adorable hippos, playful penguins, majestic sea turtles, touch pool sea stars and many others.  Take your kids to see their favorite animals or discover a brand new species to fall in love with!


Oh, there’s no place like Adventure Aquarium’s Christmas Underwater for the holidays…and you still have so much time to see it with your family and friends!  Until next time, have a safe and happy holiday season! XOXO

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