Bon Voyage Darwin + THANK YOU AAQ Guests!

Did you know? Six out of seven sea turtle species are vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

This week was a little rough but ultimately bittersweet as we said farewell to loggerhead hatchling, now yearling, Darwin on Wednesday.  *Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the complete story of #DarwinsDeparture.*

File Oct 18, 8 43 33 AM

Every year, Adventure Aquarium fosters a hatchling from North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores Sea Turtle Program to rehabilitate for one year. Our biologists are responsible to guide and train the hatchling to do activities it would normally do in the wild aka Sea Turtle Survival School.

After a year, the hatchling is released into the wild off the coast of North Carolina along with other yearlings from aquariums all over the country, including our sister aquarium in Kentucky – Newport Aquarium.

Two of our biologists, Alex and Alexis, escorted the little sea turtle, who grew from the size of a palm…


…into the size of a dinner plate! He is one big, feisty turtle!!

Darwin was also reunited with his nest mate, Frank the Tank, from Newport Aquarium.

File Oct 18, 12 08 11 PMFile Oct 18, 12 09 36 PM

He’s now swimming wild and free out in the Atlantic Ocean and we know in our hearts that he’ll be fine out there in the deep blue sea.  #misshimalready

It was just two weekends ago that we had a HUGE sendoff party for the little turtle aka Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend. Not only did guests get to see this awesome reptile one last time but we raised over $10K for sea turtles in the wild and the Sea Turtle Conservancy! *AWESOMEEEEE*


We’ll be introducing a new loggerhead hatchling soon so stay tuned for more baby sea turtle cuteness!!!


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