Thank You! xoxo, AAQ’s African Penguins


Your penguin love showed this past Labor Day Weekend and our black and white birds are waddling with joy!

Our largest-ever group of African penguins hosted their 9th annual African Penguin Awareness Weekend, aka an awesome end of summer party for a great cause.  The festivities featured perfectly penguin programming, special behind the scenes Encounters and more.

Thanks to your generosity, $12,840.29 will help save endangered African penguins in the wild.  Since the fundraising event began in 2009, Adventure Aquarium guests have raised over $45,000 for African penguin conservation! **HAPPY DANCE**

“I would like to thank our guests and staff, who came together to raise conservation awareness and support for such a worthy cause,” said Michele Pagel, Curator for Birds and Mammals at Adventure Aquarium. “Our African penguins serve as important ambassadors for their species and were vital to the success of this weekend.  We are so proud to connect families with a greater connection to conservation awareness.”

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We welcomed thousands of guests last weekend who participated in the weekend’s three-day conservation event and supported the cause in a variety of ways, including purchasing unique paintings created by members of the penguin colony and custom-designed t-shirts as well as participating in special Penguin Encounters and other activities.  The Penguin Island residents also got in on the fun as they waddled and played in the water throughout the weekend.

So, where will the money go?  The donations collected will benefit the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and AZA SAFE: Saving Animals From Extinction, with both organizations helping to preserve the endangered African penguin species in the wild.  The donation will go toward AZA SAFE’s artificial nest box project, SANCCOB’s South African penguin hospital, chick bolstering, oil spill assistance and other needs.  We’re so excited to be able to help build up these programs!

Penguin in Water (2)

Did you miss out on the party? Don’t worry! We’ll host our final conservation-focused weekend in 2017 as sea turtles take center stage during Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend (Columbus Day Holiday Weekend, October 7-9).  For more information on upcoming events, visit  Hope to sea you there!


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