UPDATE: Penguin Island Renovations Going Swimmingly

We’re excited to share an update on our Penguin Island renovations!


The rockwork forms have been filled solid with concrete and all nest boxes and rock formations have been placed in the exhibit.  You can see the attached pictures for a very different looking landscape in the exhibit for our colony to explore and create nesting territories.

A misting system layout has been incorporated into the rockwork which will help our African penguins stay cool in the warmer temperatures when they’re on exhibit.


The system that will heat the deck is being laid out (you can see it the orange cable on the deck in the photo above!) and the controls for this system are being installed (Electrical sub).  The orange cable you see on the deck area in the attached depicts the system which will keep the deck from freezing and keep our penguins warm in colder temperatures.

In addition, we have plumbed-in a small water feature that will serve as enrichment for the penguins and this will add a little interest to the hardscape.

The penguins continue to do well in the annex, including our newly-announced chick, Lemmie.


After the monsoon left New Jersey two weekends ago, the first layer of concrete was put down.  Soon the final layer of concrete will be put on to the rocks/nests, pool and beach, which will give the concrete a more textured, natural appearance.  The last step will be coloring the new concrete to match their natural habitat.

We can’t wait to bring the African penguin colony back on exhibit to meet and greet everyone – especially YOU!


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