UPDATE: Penguin Island Renovations Continue!

Happy Monday! We wanted to let you know that Penguin Island renovations are well underway for phase one and we’ve already seen great progress during weeks 1 and 2 of construction.


The Life Support System (LSS) update is complete, as far as some upgrades to the filtration system and plumbing.  Our engineers are doing additional work on the sand filters and heat exchangers to get them 100% ready to restart the system.  More upgrades will be added later in the year during phase two of construction.

Rockwork demo is finished and the installation of new rockwork forms for the shoreline is about three quarters complete.

Nest forms and freestanding boulder formations are starting to be placed in the exhibit as well.  The first layer of concrete is beginning to be applied on the forms.

Electric for the LSS will be finished today and early next week the electric subcontractor will continue with the installation of radiant heat for the deck.  (This will keep our penguins warm on colder days and keep the ice from forming on the deck during the winter!).

Our African penguin colony is doing well behind the scenes.  The birds are adjusting to their back of house space nicely.

We’ll provide additional updates as phase 1 continues.  You can get the latest updates on our website – follow along here!

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