Ready for an all-new Adventure?


piranha_high resWant to journey deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest where a school of 125 red-bellied piranha swim beneath a beautiful waterfall?  No need to pack your suitcase or grab your passport either!

We are so excited that our newest exhibit, Piranha Falls, an Amazon experience, will open this Friday, April 7.

Piranha Falls will offer our guests a unique multi-sensory experience of life on the Amazon River, virtually taking you deep into the largest rainforest on Earth without leaving New Jersey.

“The piranha are the stars of this exhibit but other residents like freshwater stingrays and other aquatic species represent the diversity of life in the Amazon River, which is the most diverse ecosystem on the planet,” said Vince Nicoletti, Executive Director and Vice President of Adventure Aquarium.  “Guests will also see, hear and feel the change in weather as an intense rainstorm moves in.”


Two beautiful waterfalls with a school of 120 glittering red-bellied piranha swimming below serves as the backdrop as a dynamic rainstorm approaches, featuring thunder, lightning and rain amidst a soundtrack of rainforest creatures weathering the storm.  Following the storm show, you’ll explore the true story of piranha and their role in the ecosystem of the Amazon River along with the indigenous people who call the Amazon their home.

“The Amazon River is the largest in the world and can receive over 10 feet of rainfall a year,” said Nicoletti.  “We couldn’t tell the story of the Amazon without showcasing these powerful rains and are excited to immerse our guests in a dramatic indoor rainstorm.”

The thunderous Amazon rainstorm is brought to life using a rain grid, over twenty lights, speakers and fans to create the immersive, family-friendly experience.  The two-story, 40-foot high exhibit contains 5,000 gallons of water.  A second waterfall was added, which rushes over a cliff and drops 10 feet down to the exhibit pool.  A tractor trailer filled with 300 new plants, 100 feet of vines, various plants and trees reaching up to 18 feet tall were also used to complete the look of Piranha Falls.

The exhibit will also feature a parrot enclosure adjacent to the main Piranha Falls exhibit space with birds native to South America, including Trinidad, a blue and gold macaw found in the Amazon rainforest.  Guests can continue their Amazon experience at Adventure Aquarium with the Octonauts Amazon Adventure 3D film, now included with admission.


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