Little Blue Babes Hit the Beach


Adventure Aquarium’s newest little blue penguins have made their public debut!

The newest little blue penguins, two adult female little blues and the Aquarium’s first-ever little blue chick, are now permanent residents of the Little Blue Beach exhibit.

When you visit us, you can see 12-week-old Elanora (pictured below – isn’t she beautiful??).


Miss Elanora

In addition, Maremma and Kororaa, the adult female birds that arrived from New England Aquarium in December, have joined the colony.  The little blue bachelors, Indigo and Cobalt, also returned to the exhibit after spending time behind the scenes.

“Elanora, Maremma and Kororaa have acclimated nicely into the little blue colony,” said Michele Pagel, Curator of Birds and Mammals at Adventure Aquarium.  “We are excited for our guests to see the thriving colony together for the first time as well as wait for the potential pairings of the new females with our eligible bachelors.”


Elanora, named by a fan vote on, hatched inside a nesting box to first-time parents, Sheila and Goose, on the Little Blue Beach exhibit on December 3, 2016.  Maremma, nine-months-old, and Kororaa, eight-years-old, arrived from New England Aquarium on December 14, 2016.  All three female birds stayed behind the scenes until they were ready to join the colony.

Guests can identify the new additions by their special wing bands: Elanora (#9), Maremma (#10) and Kororaa (#11).  With these little blues moving on exhibit, the colony now consists of six males and five females.


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