Instameet Me at AAQ?


We held our first-ever Adventure Aquarium Instameet on Sunday, January 8th at Little Blue Beach in Zone A and it was awesome!  The Instameet focused on our little blue penguins which seemed like a perfect fit since they are January’s Featured Creature of the Month.


We invited social media rock stars to participate in the Instameet by registering on our website.  From there, we gave them free reign of Little Blue Beach and allowed them exclusive access to our little blue colony before we opened to the public.  Imagine getting that perfect shot without worrying about someone stepping in front of your camera!

We can’t wait to see how these Instagram experts captured the little blues in their photos! We’ll share their images on our accounts later this month – so be on the lookout!

Are you interested in attending an #AAQInstameet?  We’re hosting them throughout the year so follow our social accounts to see when the next will be held and which animal will be featured.  Space is limited so we encourage you to register as soon as we announce the date.


Please note: To participate in an #AAQInstameet, you must register through, be an active Instagram user, at least 18 years of age and agree to a photography use agreement. 


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