Say Hello to our Baby New Year!


Say hello to our new loggerhead hatchling!

Adventure Aquarium welcomed its own “Baby New Year” of 2017 with the announcement of a new loggerhead sea turtle hatchling last week.


So tiny – Biologist Samantha Ehinger picked up the new hatchling from North Carolina Aquarium last fall.

You can now visit the hatchling on exhibit in Sea Turtle Cove, adjacent to Ocean Realm where the Aquarium’s adult sea turtles reside.  The young turtle, that hatched last August, will call Adventure Aquarium home for most of the year until it is released into the Gulf Stream off the coast of North Carolina, along with other yearlings from aquariums all over the country, this coming fall.  We won’t know the gender of this little one as that can’t be identified until a loggerhead sea turtle reaches sexual maturity at the approximate age of 21.



Each year, Adventure Aquarium welcomes a hatchling from North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores Sea Turtle Program to rehabilitate for one year.  Biologists will help guide and train the hatchling to do activities it would normally do in the wild as a sort of “survival school” for sea turtles.


He was just 86 grams when he arrived last fall – that’s just over 3 ounces!

“The hatchling came to us weighing 86 grams and is now over 226 grams, or just under eight ounces,” said Nikki Grandinetti, Curator of Fish and Invertebrates at Adventure Aquarium.  “He loves jellies and shrimp. He’s also very active and investigates anything with his mouth.”


He especially loves eating salmon eggs (what he’s chomping on in the photo above).

During the month of January, Adventure Aquarium is also asking guests to help select the name of the young turtle at a voting station located in the Main Lobby of the Aquarium.  The name options are: Darwin, Griswold, Groot and Tina.  Using spare change, guests visiting Adventure Aquarium will be able to vote for their favorite name choice.  The winning name will be announced this coming February.


Check Adventure Aquarium’s website and social accounts for the latest news about our loggerhead hatchling as well as the other Aquarium animals, events and more.

Fun Fact: This little one hatched from the same nest as our sister aquarium, Newport Aquarium. #Siblings


Come visit me soon!

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