Update: Sea Turtle Hatchling Koopa is still adorable


No, not Nintendo Koopa Troopa…

Koopa 4.4.16

OUR Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling, Koopa, can be found doin’ his (or her) thing on the daily. And, yes, Koopa is getting bigger and so is the cuteness factor.

Here are some updates on lil’ Koops (thanks to F&I biologist Rachel for providing the awesome info!):

Koopa is up to 440g (aka almost 15.5 ounces) in weight, which is over 8 times his weight when he first arrived at #AAQ!

He still uses some of the same enrichment items, like small wiffle balls and containers, but we have been putting more enrichment items on the floor of his exhibit. He loves searching for food throughout the rocks, which is what he will have to do out in the ocean!

We are continuing to encourage his foraging behavior by sinking enrichment items with hidden food. We are continuing to offer him live food as well. There are currently hermit crabs and grass shrimp in the exhibit with him, both of which he occasionally eats. We offered him appropriate-sized jellies as well, which he absolutely loves!

We previously added a live blue claw crab for him to eat, but the crab was a little too big and defensive for Koopa and actually scared him! We took the crab back out, but will try again when Koopa is bigger. (Seriously, how cute is that??)

Bonus! Here’s a clip of him eating some romaine – which happens to be attached to a clip.

Want to catch Koopa in action? On weekends, participants of our Sea Turtles Up Close Adventure get to offer Koopa his enrichment around 1:45 p.m., and on weekdays he is generally fed around 1:00 p.m.

Be sure to stop by and say hey to Koopa during your next visit! He’s growing up so fast – but we couldn’t be prouder!

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