Did You Go Green Today?


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The day everyone is Irish and wears green to celebrate the cheerful holiday. Hope you’re wearing your green!

At Adventure Aquarium, we go green all year-round in a number of ways – and we’re not talking attire.  From recycling to conservation and sustainability, we make it our mission to be stewards of the environment and help others learn how they are connected to the natural world around them and the ways they can make a difference – for the better.  We’ve only got one Earth, so let’s take care of our planet!


One major way you can make a difference every single day is through recycling – let’s talk about it!  Camden County, where Adventure Aquarium is located, uses Single Stream Recycling.  What does that mean?  Here’s a fancy flyer to explain:

Recycle 1

Basically, we can recycle all of those items in one bin, instead of having to separate them. The powers that be are making it pretty easy to recycle – so thoughtful!  Thanks CC!  Since it’s so simple to do, why not take a second and make sure the soda cans, paper towel rolls and empty cereal boxes get into that blue bin?

Instead of all of these very colorful cans and containers ending up in a landfill, a whole lot of people took that moment to GO GREEN!


You’ll feel like an awesome human being and walk away knowing that you made a difference when you go green. This is just one simple change that can have a huge impact in the long run – if everyone works together to make it happen.

For more ways to Go Green, visit our Conservation section.  Also, check with your local municipality on all the ways they’re going green right in your neighborhood, including how they’d like you to recycle your plastic, paper and other materials, and the best way to go green too!

green hands

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