Yep, we said it. The CUTEST.PENGUINS.EVER. are officially making Adventure Aquarium their permanent residence beginning Friday, January 15th!

We are absolutely bursting that we can finally introduce you to these cuties.  The Little Blue Penguins – aka the smallest and most adorable penguins in the universe – are joining the AAQ family and we want to shout it from the rooftops.


…or shout it from a rocky ledge…either/or really.


Not only are these birds blue but they love the beach! Since winter is finally starting to show its ugly temps, we suggest coming to check out Little Blue Beach, home to the little blues, of course! You’ll be transported to the beaches of Australia where you’ll feel the warm glow of the sun and hear the sound of waves hitting the shore.

You’ll most likely be tempted to put on your swimsuit and head into the water…We’re going to need you to hold off on that since these birds kind of like their exhibit all to themselves. You will, however, get up-close and personal with them as they swim and play in the water.  You’ll also learn about how little blues live right alongside humans in their native habitat in Australia. Humans have even helped the blues by building nesting boxes reminiscent of the colorful cabanas they live in for the birds to build nests and raise their young.


Check out the prime real estate on Little Blue Beach, with an array of colorful houses the birds have to choose from. (They’re still deciding who is living where – it’s all about location, location, location!)

Our Birds and Mammals team is also thrilled to welcome the blues to the Aquarium, adding to our total penguin population. Of course, we still love our African Penguins but getting to know a new group of animals and their varying personalities is really exciting!

When the little blues arrived, the team knew they would be small – but they were definitely smaller than a lot of them anticipated. They were also intrigued to see how brave these birds are when the staff comes on exhibit – usually anticipating being fed (but who isn’t food motivated, really?).

The little blues also have big personalities for being pint-sized.  From Phillip, who is the bravest of the bunch to Bloke and Sheila, a brother-sister pair, to Cobalt, the loudest of the group, the birds are beginning to show more of their unique personalities every day.  While our biologists and little blues are still getting to know each other, overall the team is looking forward to building relationships with the blues as they have done with our African Penguins.

Curious to see these critters in action? Stop by for a visit! The blues can’t wait to say hi to you during your next trip to Adventure Aquarium!



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