It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


Christmas Celebration has returned and so has Scuba Santa!

Now through December 31st, that jolly and magical Santa Claus will put on his red suit, goggles and fins each day to visit Ocean Realm, Adventure Aquarium’s largest exhibit at 760,000 gallons, where he will swim with the great hammerhead, giant sea turtles, stingrays, sharks and a colorful collection of fish.

Some of you may wonder: “How did Santa learn to scuba dive? Does his beard take long to dry? Where does he park his reindeer and sleigh?”

Well, we don’t have all the answers (sorry, kids – although we know he is scuba-certified) but we can certainly give you a bit of background on Santa and his scuba diving ways. Like many tales involving St. Nicholas, Scuba Santa’s is a story of kindness and love for all – with particular care spent on the animals who call Adventure Aquarium home.

The Story of Scuba Santa…

Adventure Aquarium’s animals eagerly await the arrival of Christmas – just like you and me.  Each year, they share the spirit of the holiday season with other animals and Aquarium guests.  The animals also get very excited for the arrival of their gifts – delivered by Scuba Santa!

Who is Scuba Santa, you may ask? Why, he’s Santa Claus! He was named Scuba Santa by the Aquarium animals since he swims in deep waters to deliver their gifts.  After suiting up in his red wetsuit, black fins and a mask made to fit around his white beard, Scuba Santa and his “elfish” helper bring each and every animal the gift of Christmas joy!


Scuba Santa was spotted feeding the stingrays of Stingray Beach Club!

So there you have it! Scuba Santa returns each December to the delight of Adventure Aquarium’s animals and visitors.


Insider Tip: When you visit him during Christmas Celebration, don’t forget to bring your letter! His special mailbox is located right near the panoramic window of Ocean Realm. Click here for a template to help you get started: Dear Santa!


Elfish sighting in Ocean Realm!



Thanks for stopping by and the entire Adventure Aquarium family hopes to see you during our Christmas Celebration with your family and friends!

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