Sea turtle Ozzy makes another successful swim in Ocean Realm

An update on the efforts biologists are taking to prepare this very special turtle for his new life inside Adventure Aquarium’s Ocean Realm exhibit. 

By: Sarah Stafford

Rescue loggerhead sea turtle Ozzy had another successful test dive in our Ocean Realm exhibit! This go-around there were notably more turtle interactions than his previous swims as Ozzy spent some time getting to know his future exhibit mates; particularly the “elder states-turtle” of Ocean Realm, Bob. During one instance, a curious Ozzy swam up to Bob head-on, and even when the biologists intervened a bit, Ozzy kept heading back to check on Bob!

Ozzy Swim 4.9_4

Ozzy Swim 4.9_2 Ozzy Swim 4.9_3 Ozzy Swim 4.9_1 Ozzy Swim 4.9_5

Green sea turtle Stitches came over to say hi, and Ozzy – for the second time – spent considerable time hanging around Old Green, even going so far as to continue resting his head on her shell. For her part, patient Old Green didn’t seem to be bothered by him at all. Our Fish & Invertebrates team was also excited to see Ozzy spent time at the surface of the water a lot more than the other dives. He’s making great progress!

One thought on “Sea turtle Ozzy makes another successful swim in Ocean Realm

  1. What an amazing job! Must be so rewarding.

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