Ocean Advocate Brucker Chase to speak during World Oceans Weekend at Adventure Aquarium

Exciting news! During this weekend’s World Oceans Day festivities, we’re excited to welcome ocean advocate and endurance waterman Bruckner Chase, a fascinating individual whose extreme pursuits in waters around the world are matched by his passion for inspiring people to discover their own connection to the oceans we share.


During FREE live chats this weekend, Bruckner will speak about this passion, as well as his exciting experiences in waters from around the world. In 2010, his solo, twenty-eight mile swim across Monterey Bay launched both the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and his own full-time career, dedicated to moving others from awareness to personal, sustainable action that benefits our oceans and our communities.


Check him out in action in this Extreme Swim Clip around Aunu’u in American Samoa:

Show Schedule:

Live Chats are included in general admission during World Oceans Day Weekend.

June 7 & 8 in our Ocean Realm Dive Theater

  • 12:45 pm
  • 1:45 pm
  • 3:15 pm

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