NEW at Adventure Aquarium! Meet our common snapping turtle, now on exhibit

snapping turtle1.2

Meet our newest addition to the Adventure Aquarium family – the common snapping turtle (chelydra serpentine). A freshwater species, this sturdy turtle can be found as far north as Canada to south in the Rocky Mountains, and as far east as Nova Scotia and Florida. Along with the alligator snapping turtle, they’re the only two species of this family to be found in North America. Typically between 10-35 pounds and with a ridged carapace of 10-18 inches, these turtles can be spotted in shallow ponds, lakes and streams.

And to reinforce the reputation their name presents, they’re known for their fierce disposition when out of the water. However, when encountered in the water, they usually slip away from disturbances, and rarely bit humans; instead choosing to flee when threatened.

snapping turtle2

However, if you’re a prey item, which – for the omnivore snapping turtle could be anything they can swallow, including invertebrates, fish, frogs, reptiles, birds and small mammals – you would fall victim to this aquatic ambush hunter’s powerful beak-like jaws. Common snappers are also known for their highly mobile head and neck. In fact – serpentine literally means “snake-like!”

Check out our snapping turtle in Zone A during your next visit.


One thought on “NEW at Adventure Aquarium! Meet our common snapping turtle, now on exhibit

  1. That looks like a wise, old face.

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