Catching up with Adventure Aquarium’s juvenile penguins

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in our newest penguin chicks: 7 month old siblings Pumpkin and Patch, and 4 month old siblings Cornelius and Saba. One look at the “crew” and you will need to do a double-take. Almost overnight they’ve gone from being tiny, fluffy chicks to nearly full-grown penguins!

Juvenile Penguins_April10

Since the weather has been warming up, they’ve been spending the majority of their time outside.  In fact, they’re almost completely integrated with the rest of the colony – a big step, since the ability to “play nice with others” is a milestone in penguin maturation.

Enjoying enrichment with a penguin favorite - the 'red stick'

Enjoying enrichment with a penguin favorite – the ‘red stick’

4-month old Cornelius and Saba

4-month olds Cornelius and Saba

7-month olds Pumpkin and Patch

7-month olds Pumpkin and Patch

"The Crew"

“The Crew” checks things out, outside

Another major milestone in behavioral training was that Pumpkin, Patch, Cornelius and Saba each took their first swims. During their swimming “lessons” a biologist goes in the water with them, guiding them and ensuring the safety of the birds.

In case you missed it, check out our video capturing the moment below:

As you would guess – the penguins LOVE swimming! And thanks to the recent bout of springlike conditions, these warm weather-loving birds have been passing the day away by swimming in the pool at Penguin Island.

Be sure to watch a live penguin feed during your next visit! Daily at 11:15 am (and 3:45 on Saturdays and Sundays), biologists feed our penguins on deck. You won’t want to miss the juveniles as they get in on the action. Chowing down capelin, herring and squid. In total, they consume 20% of their body weight in ONE sitting!

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