FROG OF THE WEEK: Amazon Milk Frog

Meet today’s “Frog of the Week,” the beautiful Amazon Milk frog!

Amazon Milk Frog

Trachycephalus resinifictrix can be identified by its light gray coloring and brown and black banding, with juveniles showing a stronger contrast in colors vs. adults, whose colors fade as they mature.


Like most frogs, male Milk frogs are smaller than females. In addition, Milk Frogs have developed sticky pads on their toes that aid them in climbing on leaves and trees.


The milk frog gets its name from the “milky” white fluid it secretes for protection when stressed or threatened. This medium-sized frog (between 2-4 inches) is most active at night and is known for its loud vocalizations.

Meet our Amazon Milk frogs up close in KidZone during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, now through April 27.


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