Frog of the Week: African Bullfrog


This week’s Frog of the Week throws the spotlight on one of the larger amphibian species being featured during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger. Known as an African bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus), this big guys is – believe it or not – nicknamed the “pixie” frog thanks to its Latin name!

African Bullfrog

Native to Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nambia and South Africa and is typically found in savannas, subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and freshwater lakes and marshes, this large frog is known to reach average weights of 3 – 4 pounds and 5 – 9.5 inches.

African bullfrogs are considered carnivorous and voracious eaters. They stay underground when it is too dry and hot, but during the rainy season they come to the surface and eat everything and anything, including their own species!

Look for African Bullfrogs, on exhibit in Zone A during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, at Adventure Aquarium now through April 27.


One thought on “Frog of the Week: African Bullfrog

  1. That third picture really shows off my favourite thing about frogs- their mouth. They look like they are semi smiling. Like they aren’t happy, more that they are pleased with themselves and know they are awesome. I know that’s not what they’re thinking but it still makes me smile 🙂

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