Frog of the Week: Fire-Bellied Toad

Our newest exhibit, Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, features a variety of colorful, quirky (and just plain weird!) amphibian species from around the world. Today’s Frog of the Week happens to be a particularly exotic one. Meet the very bold, and very beautiful Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad.

Fire Bellied Toad10

This brilliant amphibian is a relatively small (2 inches) semi-aquatic frog species native to Korea, north-eastern China and adjacent parts of Russia.

Fire Bellied Toad7

Typically bright green with black spots on their dorsal region, they get their distinctive name from their bright yellow to reddish-orange stomach area.

Fire Bellied Toad8

Although typically referred to as a toad, the fire-bellied toad is not a member of the true toad family, but rather is frog.It’s “toad” alias comes from its spattering of tubercles or bumps across its dorsal side.

Fire Bellied Toad5

The fire-bellied toad is semi-aquatic, inhabiting warm, humid forested regions, where they spend most of their time on land.

Fire Bellied Toad

Spot this frog in Zone A during your visit to Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, open for a limited time now through April 27,

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