Cassie the Penguin Turns One!

Details provided by Adventure Aquarium’s Birds and Mammals Team

Cassie Birthday2

Believe it or not, it’s already been a year since African penguin chick Cassie hatched at Adventure Aquarium to parents Kali and Tyson. That’s right: today marks Cassie’s official 1st Birthday!

Flashback to Cassie as a newly hatched penguin chick.

Flashback to Cassie as a newly hatched penguin chick.

Still affectionately referred to by many as Casanova, the name Adventure Aquarium’s Birds and Mammals team bestowed on her before her gender was revealed, Cassie charmed the public week after week in 2013 as legions of fans tuned in to find out how she was growing and adapting to life as a newly hatched penguin.

Cassie's weekly updates charmed her fans. Here's one of our favorites.

Cassie’s weekly updates charmed her fans. Here’s one of our favorites.

Explore our album of favorite Cassie pics from her first year at Adventure Aquarium.

So where is our little chick now?  First of all, it’s not “little” Cassie anymore. Weighing in at 2.5 kg, or 5.5 pounds; Cassie is considered fully grown, if not slightly smaller than some of the other adult penguins at Adventure Aquarium.

Cassie today!

Cassie today!

In the next few months, Cassie will reach a pretty big milestone in the life of a penguin, as she undergoes her very first molt, where she will transform from her current grey and white markings to her traditional penguin black and white adult plumage.

And if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cassie up close during one of her appearances inside the Aquarium, you will have seen the result the up-close and tactile training our biologists have undergone with the much-loved bird.  In addition, she gets to move on to other exciting enrichment exercises, including learning how to paint (running across a paint tray and over a white canvas) and how to sit still for photos.

Cassie dries off her feathers.

Cassie dries off her feathers.

Since socialization is such a big part of a penguin’s life, Cassie is learning to make friends and play well with others. Luckily, chicks Pumpkin and Patch hatched at the Aquarium in October, providing Cassie with two new juvenile penguin pals!

Pumpkin and Patch make their official public debut this Saturday and Sunday during our “Celebrity Penguin Weekend,” with up-close appearances in our Rotunda and a special photo opportunity. But of course – it wouldn’t be “Celebrity Penguin Weekend” without Cassie! Look for her to make appearances during the day.  Don’t forget to wish her a happy birthday!

Stay tuned on our blog as we continue to share stories about Cassie’s growth as she heads into her feathered future.

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