Second Penguin Chick of the New Year Hatches at Adventure Aquarium

Penguin Chick2

With all the excitement over our “Celebrity Penguin” event happening this weekend at Adventure Aquarium, one chick decided to take it up a notch by hatching yesterday afternoon! We’re thrilled to announce that Minnie and Kamikaze’s second penguin chick of the new year hatched at Adventure Aquarium on Thursday, January 9.

Penguin Chick1

Our Birds and Mammals team found the newly hatched chick Thursday afternoon. And much like its sibling that arrived on Sunday, the little chick is healthy, alert, active, and very vocal. At 52 grams (1.8 ounces), it’s also a bit smaller than the first chick, something very common with a second egg.

Penguin Chick3

Check out the remarkable footage below, which captures the chick as it started to break out of its egg, eventually joining its sibling. The noise you hear is the chick vocalizing from inside the egg. Our biologists can hear the vocalizations even before the chick starts breaking through the egg!

What a way to lead into our Celebrity Penguin WeekendThe chicks will continue to be monitored by the Adventure Aquarium team. Stay tuned for ongoing updates with these two new additions.

One thought on “Second Penguin Chick of the New Year Hatches at Adventure Aquarium

  1. How amazing 🙂 thank you for sharing that – what a cutie x

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