Meet Zilla, Adventure Aquarium’s Bearded Dragon

By: Brandon Deane


Oy mate I’m Zilla the Bearded Dragon. And as you could probably guess from my accent I’m from Australia.

But even though I’m from Down Under, I’m a great pet here in America. I’m a very relaxed animal which makes me great for handling, and I love bugs. I should eat more of my fruits and veggies but you put a cricket in front of me and I’ll snatch it up with my sticky tongue.


I will roughly grow to be 24 inches long from head to tip of tail and weight 283g-510g.  Currently I’m 358g (did I mention I love crickets?) I was born in August of 2009 and used to be a house pet of an old employee from the Fish and Invertebrates team. I came to Adventure Aquarium in April and I now live here with the other reptiles like Pepe the tortoise and Pockets the snake. Because my birthday is coming up I will save you the thought in getting me a present.  Just make it crickets.


I love the heat like I would get back home Down Under but every once in a while you might find me in my water dish taking a nice bath; it feels good on my rough, bumpy skin. And it actually helps me go to the bathroom too…don’t judge!

I am sorry to say but I do not regenerate body parts and I do not shoot blood from my eyes. A lot of people think that but sorry, that is not the case. I do have ears though, see the hole in the side of my head…ear!


One thing I will do is if you want to challenge me I will swell up my body and throat and look really big and bob my head…and that’s about it. I have a big bark but no bite and if I give up I’ll wave my arm at you. You humans must really be submissive with all the waving I see on the streets.

I hope you like my ‘beard’ it’s all the scales/spikes you see around my head. And let me know when you want to have a starring contest. I DON’T LOSE! Since I am one of Adventure Aquarium’s up close animals, you have the chance to meet me at select times every day of the week. Hope to see you soon!

With love that knows no bounds,


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