Spotlight on Adventure Aquarium’s Great Hammerhead Sharks

Did you know?! Adventure Aquarium is proud to be the only aquarium in the United States to have Great Hammerhead Sharks on exhibit.

There are nine different species of Hammerheads in the world, and the Great Hammerhead is the largest!  Our sharks – Adventure Aquarium is home to 2! – are about 7 feet and 5 feet long.

hammerhead_final (2)

On August 29, 2008, we received our larger Great Hammerhead Shark. He is named after Beaker the Muppet because of the similarities of their mouths. Beaker came from the Florida Keys; Anchor, our smaller Great Hammerhead Shark, is also from the Florida Keys. Adventure Aquarium has been home to Anchor since September 16, 2011 and he got his name from a special Facebook contest we ran a while back!

Beaker and Anchor are fed 6 out of the 7 days of the week; they are given one day of fasting per week. Their diet of choice consists of whole fish, such as mackerel. To feed the sharks, our biologists attach whichever fish Beaker and Anchor order that day onto the end of a long pole. They need to be fed separately so that we can make sure they both get the correct amount of food and vitamins. Join us for a shark feeding on Saturday at 2:45 pm!

Beaker and Anchor hope to see you at their home inside Ocean Realm at Adventure Aquarium during Shark Week: LIVE!

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