Shark vs. Gator: Who would win?!


So who would win: The American alligator or the Sand Tiger Shark? The likelihood of this ever happening is highly unlikely solely due to their vastly different habitats (salt water vs. fresh water for example); but hey – we can use our imagination, right?

Let’s begin. So, a shark doesn’t have arms; therefore the alligator has a bit of an advantage. The winner must be the alligator; it’s the only opponent that can throw the punches! Okay, that isn’t a fair match for the Sand Tiger. I think we need to a dig a little further and actually look at the facts – what we know about each animal.

The Sand Tiger Shark has three rows of sparkling white, protruding, sharp-pointed teeth. They usually swim with their mouths open to show off their pearly-whites to friends and prey. On the other hand though, the American alligator is said to have the strongest bite of any animal!

If the alligator is able to sneak up on the Sand Tiger, then the alligator would be our winner. But hold on a minute…when it comes to sneaking up a shark, that’s almost nearly impossible. The reason being: sharks have an extra sense that we humans and other animals do not possess. They are able to detect the electromagnetic field that moving animals give off. Lesson learned- don’t ever try to sneak up on a shark, they will detect you from miles away! This is a great advantage for the Sand Tiger Shark. So it seems that the only way the American alligator has a chance is if it goes head on with the shark.

If this were a height/weight competition, the American alligator would win. The average length of an American Alligator is a whooping 14 feet. That is equivalent to two full grown men standing on top of each other, and then some! The average length of a Sand Tiger shark is only about 9 feet, quite a bit shorter than the alligator. When it comes to Sand Tiger sharks, the females are actually larger than the males. American alligators, on average weigh a little over 500 lbs, where Sand Tiger sharks are an average weight of 220 lbs. If this were a wrestling match, the American alligator would definitely come up on top.

But, since we are not talking about wrestling, we would deem the Sand Tiger Shark as the winner- sorry American alligator. Sharks can swim faster than alligators, and are more agile creatures. The Sand Tiger shark will always know where the alligator is due to their extra electromagnetic field sense that will detect the alligator. So congratulations Sand Tiger shark-you win!

Although… if there was confrontation on land, I think it is safe to say the American alligator would be the winner. What do you think?!

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