Silky Shark Release at Adventure Aquarium

Exciting news! And just in time for Shark Week: LIVE!

Today, two juvenile male Silky Sharks were released into Adventure Aquarium’s 760,000 gallon Ocean Realm exhibit, where they joined a 6 year old female Silky Shark and other aquatic inhabitants, including sea turtles, rays and other sharks.

Shark Transfer 4

The Silky Sharks were moved this morning from a holding system area to their 760,000 gallon new home during a transfer carefully monitored by Adventure Aquarium biologists and veterinary staff.

Shark Transfer 1During the transfer process, biologists corralled the sharks one at a time into a transportable holding tank, travelling up a service elevator to the top of the Ocean Realm exhibit, where the sharks – about 45 inches long – were then released into the exhibit.

Shark Transfer 2

Once on exhibit, biologists carefully monitored the sharks’ progress both outside the water, and with divers inside the water, to ensure that the sharks are acclimating to their new surroundings. The sharks seem to be thriving in their new exhibit – exploring and swimming, much to the excitement of the Aquarium team.

Shark Transfer 3

“We are excited to exhibit this species at Adventure Aquarium,” said Husbandry Director Marc Kind. “We were very interested in acquiring more than one Silky Shark, and having at least one of each gender for the opportunity for future breeding. The sharks have adjusted well to this complex transfer and the team did an amazing job in getting the sharks from our holding facility to the exhibit.”

See video of the release, below:

Silky Sharks are named for the smooth texture of their skin. Highly mobile and migratory, they are most often found in tropical waters over the edge of the continental shelf down to depths of 164 feet. The Silky Shark has a slender, streamlined body and typically grows to a length of 8 feet.

Though known to be prevalent, Silky Sharks are rarely seen outside of the ocean. And Adventure Aquarium is the only aquarium in the country to feature them on exhibit. The three Silky Sharks join Adventure Aquarium’s Great Hammerheads – another rarely exhibited shark species that can only be found at Adventure Aquarium – and more than 15 other unique species, comprising the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast. See them up close now and during Shark Week: LIVE! August 3-11.

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