Escape the heat at Adventure Aquarium!

To say we’re experiencing a simple ‘heat wave’ is an understatement. It’s HOT outside! Escape the heat by heading inside Adventure Aquarium, where the A/C provides a comfortable chill and there’s tons of indoor exploring to be had! At Adventure Aquarium we provide more than just a typical aquarium experience. We invite guests to go “beyond the glass” to truly experience and connect with nature through up-close animal experiences and touch exhibits. So stay cool and play the day away in one of our seven touch pools, including these guest faves:

Sand Castle Island, at Adventure Aquarium

Stingray Beach Club
Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind, totally awesome, super splash-tacular experience at Stingray Beach Club. You’re invited to dip your hands into the waters of a massive stingray touch pool to experience what it feels like to touch several stingray species, including Cownose rays, Southern stingrays, Leopard whiprays and Yellow stingrays. Not only can you touch the graceful, gentle residents of Stingray Beach Club, they can hand-feed them too! Feeding opportunities are offered at select times daily. Guests can purchase cups of fish to hand-feed the stingrays ($2).

Sand Castle Island, at Adventure Aquarium

Sand Castle Island
Don’t worry moms and dads…for younger explorers, we’ve created Sand Castle Island, an interactive play area inside Stingray Beach Club that features a moat, a drawbridge, a water wheel, a working waterfall, and yes, even a castle…well, a sand castle! Sand Castle Island also features a special touch pool just for little explorers, featuring smaller, baby stingrays, a lower wall height, and clear acrylic walls for easy viewing of the stingrays from both above and below the water’s surface.

Touch a Shark, at Adventure Aquarium

Roll up your sleeves and prepare for a real adventure! You and your kiddos will be thrilled to actually TOUCH and FEEL some of the most exotic sharks in the world in out Touch-a-Shark exhibit, presented by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Connect with beautiful Indo Pacific Brown-banded and White-Spotted Bamboo sharks! All you have to do is stick your hand in the water — if you dare.

Gills Grotto, at Adventure Aquarium

Gill’s Grotto
Venture up to KidZone, our newest exhibit, to find Gill’s Grotto – a spectacular touch exhibit home to a variety of friendly creatures. Reach in a vast, low-level (perfect for our littlest guests!) oval touch exhibit that simulates a colorful, active tide pool to touch a colorful array of warm water invertebrates, including a vibrant display of sea stars, strangely wonderful shrimp species like Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp, Fire Shrimp, Coral Banded Shrimp, and Scarlet Reef Hermit Shrimp, bizarre looking Sea Apples, and more. Kids can also learn more about Lionfish, Tangs, and Seahorses, Grass Shrimp and more!

Creature Feature, at Adventure Aquarium

Creature Feature
Welcome to Creature Feature, our cool-as-ice touch pool with creatures from the rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest; recreating an inter-tidal marine ecosystem. You will have the chance to see and touch slick, slimy and all-around cool Invertebrates, including several species of exotic and colorful seastars (including the beautiful purple ochre star), anemones, crabs, snails and so much more.

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