Baby Penguin Casanova learns how to swim!

Baby Penguin Casanova at Adventure Aquarium

He’s growing up so fast! Currently 12 weeks old and weighing in at 4 pounds, 10 ounces; this week, penguin chick Casanova took a big step in his development, with yesterday marking his very first swimming lesson! Taking advantage of the nicer weather, Adventure Aquarium’s biologists took to the waters of Penguin Island to help teach little Casanova how to swim in his future home at Penguin Island.

Now you must be thinking – wait a minute…teach a penguin to swim?! In reality – Casanova needs to be taught how to navigate the waters of his new home in Penguin Island. In zoos and aquariums, trainers often need to introduce penguins to the art of swimming in their new homes, guiding them in the water and helping them learn how to get in and out of their exhibits.

A little tentative at first, Casanova caught on fast! In fact, during his second lesson today, he was swimming like an old pro, even taking his first dive under the water (:21 seconds into the video, below). During each lesson, a biologist stays on standby in the water with Casanova, observing him closely. With each lesson and the more he gets used to being in the water, the more time he spends. Today he was in the water about 15 minutes. And like a child who wants to stay in the swimming pool forever, the trickiest part proved to be actually getting him to leave!  He was clearly enjoying himself 🙂

Our team will continue to give Casanova swimming lessons throughout the week (weather permitting). If you are visiting, you might be lucky enough to catch him swimming! If you do, be sure to share your pics with us on Facebook or on Twitter @AdventureAqua  #Casanova.

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