*BREAKING NEWS* Scuba Santa to Arrive on November 30


Camden, NJ – Adventure Aquarium has just been notified by Gill – the Aquarium’s official shark mascot – that Scuba Santa is scheduled to make his 2012 Adventure Aquarium Christmas Celebration debut on Friday, November 30.

Gill the Shark

Gill the Shark

An excited Gill shared the news, and also confirmed that Snowflake, a member of Scuba Santa’s Elf Detail, will be accompanying the big guy as he makes his way through the City.

Gill exclaimed, “Scuba Santa is coming! Scuba Santa is coming! I know he’s not arriving till next Friday, but I already can’t wait!”

Adventure Aquarium obtained this exclusive image from Gill the Shark, in which he Scuba Santa confirmed his November 30 arrival in Philadelphia.

Adventure Aquarium can confirm that Scuba Santa will be departing from the North Pole via a midnight Polar Express train, and is scheduled to arrive at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station at 7:30 am. From there, he plans to do some sightseeing prior to his 10:15 arrival at the Aquarium.

We recently caught up with Scuba Santa in the North Pole as he was busy helping Mrs. Claus prepare their annual Thanksgiving feast. Over the phone, Scuba Santa said, “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be returning to Adventure Aquarium. Not only do I get to see all the girls and boys visiting during Christmas Celebration, but I also get to see my aquatic friends – Great Hammerheads Beaker and Anchor, and all the friendly rays, fish and turtles.”

Santa added, “I’m especially thrilled to share some good news with Bob the Loggerhead. She made my Nice List this year!”

Be sure to follow Adventure Aquarium on Twitter @AdventureAqua #ScubaSanta as we bring you exclusive updates all next week on Scuba Santa’s arrival and plans for the 30th. 

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