Hurricane Preparedness at Adventure Aquarium

The safety of our animals is our #1 priority at Adventure Aquarium. And while you and I have been making final runs to stores to purchase batteries, generators and bottled water these last couple of days in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, our team at Adventure Aquarium has been doing a different sort of prepping. Here’s a peek at some of the precautions we take to protect our aquatic and critter friends:

It keeps going, and going…At Adventure Aquarium, we have multiple backup generators in place capable of powering the entire building, and keeping those filtration and heating/cooling systems pumping even if we lose power to the main building.

Staying warm and cozy inside…Adventure Aquarium’s colony of African Penguins will be taken indoors to ride out the storm, away from any harsh elements.

Well that’s one less person fighting over the bread and milk at the grocery store…At Adventure Aquarium, we always keep several months’ food supply on hand for all of our animals. In addition, we will have a small team of biologists on staff providing round-the-clock care during the duration of the storm. This 24/7 care means that they will even be staying overnight on Sunday and Monday nights! Animals will be monitored and fed, and the exhibits will be maintained as if it were a typical day.

It’s just like filling that bathtub full of water at home…The Aquarium team has gone to great lengths to ensure safe environments for our animals. Extra water has been stored, and all water changes and backwashes of filters will be completed today (Sunday) to eliminate the need for large amounts of water for the duration of the storm.

The extras…In addition to sandbags placed around any potential flood-prone areas in the lower level of our building, we will also have security and engineering staff on duty to maintain our building’s integrity and its equipment and utilities. We will continue to monitor the weather, especially over the next couple of days, and are actively in contact with state emergency officials. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on Aquarium closures next week. Plus we encourage you to track the storm’s progress and read about Hurricane Preparedness on the website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) at

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