Animal Addition: Blue Spotted Ribbontail Ray

Meet the newest edition to KidZone: a Blue Spotted Ribbontail Ray.  The best part?! Guests of all ages have the chance to get up close to, and actually touch this beautiful species during their visit, as it is located in our Gill’s Grotto touch tank in Zone D.

Blue Spotted Ribbontail Rays are common throughout the tropical Indian and Western Pacific Oceans in coral reef-associated habitats. It is a fairly small ray (not normally exceeding 14 inches in width), with a mostly smooth, oval pectoral fin disc, large protruding eyes and a relatively short and think tail.  As you can tell by the pictures, it can be easily identified by its striking color patter of electric blue spots on a yellowish background, paired with blue stripes on its tail.

Trust us – these pictures don’t do this gorgeous creature justice. It’s one super cool-looking ray! Be sure to welcome him to the Adventure Aquarium family during your next visit.

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