Top 5 Ways to Interact with Sharks at Adventure Aquarium

While the nation is celebrating Shark Week, we like to think “Every Week is Shark Week at Adventure Aquarium.” Here’s a rundown of our top 5 favorite ways to interact with the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast:

1. Touch a Shark!
Sure, sharks are super cool to watch behind the glass, or even on TV from the comfort of your living room. But you know what? It’s time to turn it up a notch and reach in to actually TOUCH a shark at Adventure Aquarium! Rest assured, the species in our Touch-a-Shark exhibit – including Indo Pacific Brown-banded, White Spotted Bamboo and Mexican Horn Sharks – are small, docile and harmless to humans.  BUT…as fun as it is for us to hear kids (and kids at heart) shout “I touched a shark!”, it’s even more thrilling to actually roll up your sleeves and have a turn at it yourself! Touch-a-Shark, sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is open 365 days a year, 10 am – 5 pm and is included with General Admission to Adventure Aquarium.

2. Check out the only two Great Hammerheads on exhibit in the country
Adventure Aquarium has the distinction of being the only aquarium in the United States with Great Hammerheads on exhibit. Our Great Hammerheads are about 7 feet long and 3 1/2 feet long. We’re not sure how big they’ll grow up to be, but the biggest Great Hammerheads on record were 20 feet long and over 950 lbs. (Wowsa!) Our Great Hammerheads are superstars during Shark Fest this summer, but you can visit them anytime in our 750,000 gallon Ocean Realm exhibit, where you can come within inches of these rare and fascinating creatures.

3. Come nose to nose with the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast
Who would have thought that being surrounded by sharks could be so…AWESOME?! It’s one thing to be floating around off the Jersey Shore and spot a gray fin (you would likely be on the shore in what – .001 seconds?). But it’s entirely something else to experience the immediate “wow” moment you get when strolling through our clear, 40-foot suspended Shark Tunnel. It’s here where you’ll come face to face with 23 different sharks as they swim and coast (literally) over your head and all around you. It’s all the thrills, and none of the spine-tingling chills.

4. Become a Megalodon Aficionado
It takes a pretty impressive animal to make a Great White look like fish bait. Thing is, Megalodon – also known as THE LARGEST SHARK THAT EVER LIVED – is extinct…has been for 2 million years.  But Mega-fever is stronger than ever! And, you still have a few weeks to discover what all the buzz is about. It takes just one walk through the “belly” of our metal Megalodon sculpture to realize just how massive this predator was. Oh, and the part about Great White sharks? Well, they’ve got BIG teeth. But their teeth are miniscule (3”) when compared to one of Megalodon’s (7”). And did you know that Megalodon ate the equivalent of 6,667 tuna cans. IN A DAY!  There’s so much to learn. Enter with awe, and leave with respect. Megalodon, Largest Shark that Ever Lived, sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is on exhibit at Adventure Aquarium for a limited time only – now through September 3, and is included with General Admission to Adventure Aquarium.
5. Go behind the scenes with our sharks.
We all know them…they’re shark fanatics. They love everything about these amazing creatures, they can school us on the difference between Sand Tiger and Tiger Sharks and they live each week like its Shark Week.  If you know someone like this (or if this person is you…) – listen up!  Did you know that you could actually SWIM WITH sharks at Adventure Aquarium? Or help our biologists prepare their food and pole feed hungry sharks in Shark Realm? Our Adventure programs are one-of-a-kind, and experiences you’ll never forget. Well what did you expect? We like to provide a full range of fintastic fun here! Swimming with sharks? Pole-feeding sharks? No big deal (shrugging shoulders). Here’s your chance. Swim with the Sharks and Feeding Fury are additional experiences, and are not included with General Admission to Adventure Aquarium. For more information, including pricing options and how to schedule, visit

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