Megalodon Exhibit Set Up – Time Lapse Video!

Check out this exclusive time lapse video, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes peek as a team of individuals from Adventure Aquarium and the Florida Museum of Natural History set up Adventure Aquarium’s newest exhibit, the limited-engagement Megalodon: Largest Shark that Ever Lived on display now through September 3.

Now through Labor Day, get up close and personal with Megalodon – a prehistoric giant that once cruised the world’s oceans over 2 million years ago.  Your entire family can explore this 5,000 exhibit highlighting the evolution, biology and misconceptions of what was unquestionably one of history’s most massive predators. See specimens, check out full-scale shark models, walk through a 60-foot metal Megalodon replica and even touch and find out what a Megalodon tooth feels like – plus much more!

CLICK HERE for more info.

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