Giant Crocodile Breaks World Records!

Many of you may have already heard about a GIANT crocodile that was captured in the Philippines back in September 2011.  Coming in at a massive 20.24 feet, the saltwater crocodile – nicknamed Lolong – was officially deemed as the largest in captivity by the Guinness Book of World Records. Beating his predecessor by more than 2 feet! Lolong is currently at his new home at the Bunawan Eco Park, where he is sure to become an ambassador for both saltwater crocodiles and the Philippine crocodile – a species deemed critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Adventure Aquarium’s certainly knows a thing or two about BIG crocodilians, having recently been host to Mighty Mike, who – at 16 feet – was the largest alligator on exhibit outside of Florida.

“I was glad to hear that Lolong was not destroyed and instead like Mighty Mike or Gomek (a saltwater crocodile that once resided at the Alligator Farm and Zoological Park in St. Augustine) he will serve as an amazing ambassador to wild crocs in the Philippines as well as around the world as more people share his story,” said Marc Kind.  “I had the fortune to observe Maximo, (Gomek’s successor), who – much like Lolong, was an impressively large saltwater croc (15 feet) living at the Alligator Farm.  We observed him feeding and moving around his enclosure and it was unbelievable to see these massive animals move around at amazing speeds and agility.”

Indeed, before Lolong, Gomek used to be one of the largest crocs on exhibit in the world. Coming in at 18 feet and 2,000 pounds, Gomek participated in feed shows for the public, and served crocs everywhere as one of the first ambassadors to their wild counterparts of all species of crocs.  He was a saltwater crocodile, the largest of all living reptiles. Check out this link for more information about Gomek’s history:

Adds Marc, “We hope to bring crocs back to our animal collection in the near future and continue to enlighten our guests with how amazing these animals are and  at the same time – help support crocodile conservation.”

CLICK HERE for more pictures of Lolong.

One thought on “Giant Crocodile Breaks World Records!

  1. Im so glad it is still alive. Let people see the magnificent creature.

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